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Frequently Asked Questions

A public charter school implementing an entrepreneurial program that uses a traditional Montessori model in grades K-3rd and Blended Learning model in grades 4th-9th. IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY offers a personalized approach to learning and gives meaning through projects that encourage ownership, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

To promote entrepreneurial success through academic rigor, project-based learning, and creating a culture of creativity, collaboration, adaptability, accountability, communication, and problem solving.
Learning to Know: personalized and accelerated learning through a student-centered, ability supported, and blended learning model that gives entrepreneurial-minded students flexibility of achieving academic goals at their maximum pace with control over time, place, and pace.
Learning to Do: project and location-based activities designed to foster curiosity and cultivate entrepreneurial traits such as collaboration, problem solving, resiliency, and project management.
Learning to Be: entrepreneurial culture inspiring students to be innovative problem-solvers committed to excellence.
IEA offers opportunities that extend beyond those offered at traditional schools because of our learning model. Students are provided with opportunities to work in a classroom that is driven by individual goals and personal trackers and attention to those goals. Students are not limited to only working on those things the class is working on and at a pace set by a teacher, but are allowed to work to their level. As such, students who are able to show proficiency towards a standard can provide evidence of their proficiency to their teacher, and then move on to the next level. Likewise, a student who is struggling to meet a standard and may need more time working to master it, can continue to build skills and truly learn the standard without feeling rushed to move at the same pace as the entire class.

Other experiences IEA offers is daily learning opportunities for students with peer groups of varying age levels. This allows for the creation of a community of learning and support, rather than grade level relationships only. Younger students feel supported by older students, older students can gain confidence knowing they are role models for others. Skills and strengths are no longer identified by what is “grade-level appropriate” and restricted in such a way. With this model, students can do and achieve what is appropriate for them as individuals. This model also offers frequent, daily opportunities for collaborative work and project-based learning, incorporating 21st century skills and building them into everyday practice.
The Montessori model will be used in K-3rd grades to lay a strong academic foundation. Students in a Montessori environment are taught to take ownership and manage their own learning. This is consistent with the needs of an entrepreneurial school culture.
Throughout all grade levels, academic learning is paired with project experiences and entrepreneurial challenges that develop creativity, collaboration, adaptability, accountability, communication, and problem solving. This gives value, context and meaning to skills being taught.
A publicly funded Montessori is held to standards set forth by the state, unlike a private Montessori institution. As such, the quality, licensing and training of professional educators is closely monitored and there are regulations in place that require ongoing professional development for these educators. Also, student-data is measured and tracked through state standards that allow for continuity from one learning institution to the next.
Publicly-funded institutions are also eligible for funding and grant opportunities that can allow them to extend programs beyond what private schools might be able to do, provide intensive intervention programs for those students in need and create opportunities in STEM, technology, literacy, and other programs that are highly desirable and relevant to today’s world. Publicly funded Montessori’s are also required to be much more transparent, providing parents clear communication regarding their child’s education and the actions being taken to help their child reach proficiency and success in all aspects.
Blended learning “blends” online learning with classroom experiences. As students mature, classrooms combine digital media and technology with project experiences and entrepreneurial challenges. Blended learning allows students to have more control over their pace, path and timing, and prepares students for a 21st century (and beyond) global economy.
Studies comparing learning outcomes for students taught via project- and location-based learning versus traditional instruction show that, when implemented well, project- and location-based instruction increase long-term retention of content, helps students perform as well as or better than traditional learners in high-stakes tests, improves problem-solving and collaboration skills, and improves students’ attitudes towards learning.
As part of our program, students will engage in creating a learning contract. The learning contract serves as a guide for the class in how they will conduct themselves and manage their time to achieve their highest level of academic success. All students will sign the contract and they will hold each other accountable to upholding those values throughout the year.

SMART Goals: At the beginning of every day and the beginning of each term, students will set personal academic goals. At the beginning of each academic year, students will engage in extensive training regarding goal setting, goal tracking, goal completion and student excellence so that students will understand the process of setting appropriate and rigorous goals and working towards completion of these goals. Goals are monitored to make sure they challenge the students and also address student deficiencies. Goals completion is tracked online daily with the support of aides and parent volunteers. Teachers will report the percentage of students completing their daily goals to IGNITE ENTREPRENEURIAL ACADEMY’s Director so school-wide progress can be tracked and assessed.

IGNITE ENTREPRENEURIAL ACADEMY seeks to mimic the entrepreneurial/start-up experience in the context of a learning environment. IGNITE ENTREPRENEURIAL ACADEMY holds a view that children are naturally curious and eager to learn, and that learning is accelerated in the context of a carefully prepared culture that heavily emphasizes ownership and responsibility as well as team building.

IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY has created a program that is built around the question, “What would the student consider an engaging learning environment?” IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY’s program is built around a variety of instructional strategies to meet this need, including entrepreneurial challenges, rich classroom discussion, reflection time, collaboration, project-based learning, small group instruction, and workshops that not only enhance learning, but also enable students to practice entrepreneurial skills.
Entrepreneurship is demanding—IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY has a high expectation of rigor. Students engage in creating learning contracts and goal setting. Our students also practice offering critique in a neutral environment using the T.H.I.N.K. method (truthful, helpful, inspiring, necessary, and kind) and Socratic dialogue skills to resolve issues and challenges. All grades engage in project-based learning being expected to be problem-solvers, decision makers, creators, and collaborators. Students are empowered with the tools and abilities to be able to work independently and as groups.
IEA’s personalized approach to learning offered through Montessori (K-3rdgrades) and Blended Learning (4th-9th grades) means that teachers are able to offer small group instruction and tools/programs to teach students at the appropriate level, at the appropriate time, and potentially in the mode of learning that may prove effective for meeting their needs. Unlike traditional methods where the whole class moves at the same pace, IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY students are able to and encouraged to move ahead at their own pace, as appropriate.
In a Blended Learning environment, a student’s progress will be recorded automatically for digital content through our selected Learning Management System (LMS) and manually by the teacher on written assignments and projects. As part of this experience, both students and teachers will have the ability to pace student progress and ensure that they are on track academically to completing their learning goals before the end of the year. If a student is not pacing at the proper rate or if the curriculum is not meeting their needs, the student will either ask the teacher for help, or the teacher will discover the issue via the analytic tools provided by the LMS. For students that are experiencing challenges, the teacher can offer targeted one-on-one or small group instruction. As they complete each unit, students will take end of unit tests to assess mastery. If the skill is not mastered, supplemental activities will be provided within the LMS framework. The LMS will effectively track student progress throughout the year and ensure that students are on pace to complete learning goals by the end of every school year. When remediation is needed, teachers will be informed for immediate attention—which may include alternative learning methods, peer tutoring, individual teacher instruction, parent involvement, or special education intervention.
Summative assessments will be taken several times throughout the year. At the beginning of each school year, students will be tested to assess their current level. In addition, students will complete a preliminary test and a final test at the end of each school year to track student progress towards mastering Utah Core Standards.
In addition to summative assessments mandated by the State of Utah, IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY intends to develop a formative assessment tool that will provide valid and reliable data on student progress across a variety of dimensions, including, but not limited to, classroom participation, physical and fine motor skills, communication skills, creative thinking/problem solving, collaboration, and academic understanding.
Ignite encourages an atmosphere of rigor and the spirit of individuality and collaboration during the school day. Our teachers will focus on lessons that are directly aligned to your child’s proficiency with specific grade-level standards and their needs and areas for improvement. This will be done through precise goal setting and frequent progress monitoring. We believe that optimizing work time during the day and minimizing homework means allowing children time after school for enrichment opportunities and family time. We support our students in being actively engaged in those things that interest and excite them. As such, we will also be offering several types of after-school programs that range from sports to theater to language to music. These programs will involve registration and program fees and will be updated on our website this summer.
Ignite Entrepreneurial Academy sponsors an active entrepreneurial environment by sponsoring and facilitating the formation and operation of startup companies. These startups provide real-world experience to students in all aspects of the Entrepreneurial process.
We integrate BizWorld activities into the classroom (, including bizworld, bizmovie, and bizwiz. Throuf these activities we offer hands-on, engaging programs that teach students the skills they need for a successful future. All of our programs teach valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, business, and financial responsibility while emphasizing the importance of 21st century skills like collaboration, critical thinking, leadership, and creativity. In each program, students work in teams to solve real-world problems. These programs are used by students in grades 3-7 in classrooms.
We also offer TechTrep courses as after school activities where students are encouraged to learn required skills. ( This curriculum enables children to learn real-life skills needed to build, do, and share cool new things! This curriculum includes 3D Design and Animation, 3D Printing and Design, Become a Digital Artist, Become an Entrepreneur, Browser Game Programming with Javascript, Digital Media Editing and Graphic Design, Digital Drawing, Sculpting and Stop-Motion Animation, Drone Videography, Financial Literacy for Youth, Game Design and Development, Google Ninja, Intro to Web Development, Lego Early Engineering, Lego Engineering Simple and Powered Machines, Lego Robotics EV3, Minecraft Modding with Java, Minecraft Steam Foundations, Programming Foundations, Robotics Foundations Lego Wedo 2.0, Sound And Audio Mixing. Our Entrepreneurial efforts apply to both onsite and distance learners.


IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY is a place where on every level, from board member to student, we cultivate entrepreneurial characteristics and mimic the entrepreneurial work environment, by emphasizing the following values: problem solving, excellence, independence, creative thinking, innovation, collaboration, perseverance, creativity, leadership, project management, resiliency, efficiency, communication, give/receive critique, commitment, resourcefulness, initiative, teamwork.
Charter schools are publicly funded and are not private schools. They are open to all students, are committed to improving public education, demonstrate a record of student achievement, and have specific educational missions and focuses.
Charter schools are public schools created by a group of parents, teachers, or community leaders who see an educational need in their community and want to meet that need. To operate, charter founders must submit an application for approval by the State Charter School Board or the board of a school district. Like other public schools, charter schools serve students from kindergarten through 12th grade.
Any testing that students would participate in at traditional schools is also mandated at charter schools. Students will participate in the following assessments:
KEEP (Kindergarten)
Ignite may also choose to use other assessments to help determine the effectiveness of instruction and student progress towards achieving proficiency beyond what is expected by the state. Parents will be notified about assessments given throughout the year.
All curriculum assembled will be tightly tied to Utah Core Standards with no gaps in state requirements.
IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY is committed to a strong evaluation program of its performance. We will conduct a yearly evaluation that will be submitted to the State Charter School Board. This evaluation will include a report of the following areas, 1) student academic performance and engagement; 2) financial performance and sustainability; 3) governing board performance and stewardship; 4) upholding mission and vision evaluation plans and mission-specific SMART goals.
During the Spring of each year, IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY’s Governing Board reviews the plan for the following year and a list of prioritized goals. The board will review the plan based on IGNITE ENTREPRENEURIAL ACADEMY’s mission and ensure that IGNITE ENTREPRENEURIAL ACADEMY is pushing the boundaries of creativity, entrepreneurial opportunities, community involvement and ensuring consistency with the principles set forth in IGNITE ENTREPRENEURIAL ACADEMY’s charter. Further, the board conducts an annual parent’s survey, thereby using the results as the basis for reviewing the school’s strategic plan and evaluating each year’s progress on Charter School Performance Standards, strategic objectives, and mission specific goals.
At the top of this page we provide a “Give Us Feedback” link where parents can provide feedback to the school.
Regular means for communication with parents and families will be established, likely including, but not limited to, a school newsletter, weekly emails from class teachers, use of class websites to convey information, online tracking of student progress, and Open Door Days with the Director.
For the first month of school, teachers will meet together to have 15-30 minutes of reflection time at the end of each day, highlighting both success and failures. After the first month, staff trainings will be held and guest instructors will be invited to share their knowledge. There will also be weekly morning staff meetings throughout the year.
Students leaving IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY will be academically strong, creative thinkers, skilled problem-solvers and effective communicators. They will have the initiative and resiliency to apply their learning to solve real-life problems. Taking an idea and bringing it to life will be a powerful experience for IGNITE ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY students and one that can lead to taking on greater and greater challenges, creating a pattern of success and building self-confidence.
Transitioning into an unfamiliar school requires active participation and involvement, patience, and the willingness to navigate uncertainties. Solid transitional activities and practices can promote a sense of belongingness and connectivity to the new learning environment and begin to ease transitional anxieties that are often felt by children and families. The quality of this transition is integral to the first 3-6 weeks of school at Ignite. Teachers will be working to provide explicit instruction, modeling, and practice for routines and experiences that will become a frequent part of the school day. During this 3-6 weeks, daily practice will occur, along with clear and concise feedback, proper modeling, positive reinforcement, and activities to build automaticity of routines.
Comprehension of daily functions, routines, and the guiding educational philosophy can ease transitions as children enter a new schooling environment. We also know that students will experience positive transitions and adjustments when building peer relationships. Because of this, highly qualified educators and support staff who understand quality transitional practices in order to support entering students will be key to the success of this time period. As such, we have dedicated and prioritized resources that will engage our teachers in Montessori certification programs throughout the summer that will provide them with key instruction that will provide them with the knowledge and practices to help them teach students these daily routines.
Ignite is committed to creating a safe and secure school environment. With the support and direction of a Safe School Committee, Ignite will be implementing practices to provide training to teachers for the event of any physical, natural, emotion, or emergency response. Teachers will be trained both annually on procedures and will have access to an emergency response flip chart that explicitly details appropriate actions for each type of emergency. Ignite will work with emergency-response officials in our county and local environment to put into place recommended and mandated practices that best protect our students and employees. These officials will be represented on our committed as well as trusted advisors.
Along with the Director, Ignite will have a Safe and Secure School coordinator who is involved in all activities associated with this initiative, including but not limited to: First Aid and CPR training for teachers, dissemination of safe school practices as provided by local/county officials, organization and implementation of safety drills and procedures, communication with key emergency response officials, parents, Board members, teachers, students, and other stakeholders during potential safety threats, risk assessments and action plans, and so on.
Ignite has created a building security protocol that restricts all access points to the building except for the main entry and visitors will be required to check in through the main office for entry to the school.
Each child is valued as a unique individual, not categorized into “grade-level” categories that prescribe what should and should not be taught. Children learn in different ways, so multi-level classrooms encourage freedom to learn at their own pace and individualized learning plans that can span up to three years. Self-correction and self-assessment are integral to the Montessori environment.
Being surrounded by children of varying ages of knowledge, maturity, and skills will allow students a wide range of role models and mentors. The multi-age classroom re-creates a family structure. Older students enjoy being role models; younger students feel supported and gain confidence. We believe the removal of age and grade boundaries will reduce bullying and increase the opportunity for an environment that fosters acceptance, support, and collaboration.
Like other public schools, charter schools must be open to every child regardless of race, religion, disability or academic ability. However, many charter schools have specific educational missions focusing on particular topics or students with particular needs. Also, charters have a cap on enrollment. The charter school will use a lottery process for the enrollment and registration of students.

Since the number of student applicants for Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy exceeds the established enrollment caps, students are selected by lottery. When a student is chosen, siblings of the applicant (within the same household) are also invited for admission, provided there are openings. Students currently admitted are given preference for re-enrollment. Siblings of admitted students are given preference relative to other applicants. Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy will not discriminate in its admission policies or practices on the same basis as other public schools that may not discriminate in their admission policies and practices.

During the very first open enrollment of the new school year, typically held in January, a 30-day Open Enrollment is held. All students who have applied for the school are notified if they have been accepted or are on the waiting list within 15 days of the Open Enrollment closing. Further lotteries may be held if open spots are available. Positions are filled throughout the year as they become available. As soon as a position becomes available for your student, you will be notified either by e-mail, phone, or both.
It is possible for a position to open during the school year. Parents should consider in advance if they are willing to move their child mid-year or not.
No. We would be interested in having a before or after school program. If you are interested in spearheading this please reach out to us!
While there will be a dress code that is in keeping with traditional public schools, there will NOT be an assigned school uniform. Please refer to the student conduct and dress code policy for further details.
Yes we offer a nutritional school lunch program providing nourishing and tasty meals for students and faculty.
Click here for Lunch Menu and Online Payment options.
We are dedicated to student-led initiatives, if children have a burning desire to pursue and create some type of after-school clubs, Ignite Academy will do our best to accommodate and facilitate these extra activities. We are also supportive of initiatives led by teachers or community advisers who propose after-school programs. We are currently working to design and implement a variety of after-school programs that are both academically-centered as well as physically-centered. We’ll provide more information as these programs are developed.
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Above all else, we love kids. Their individuality, their abilities, their passions. Children are amazing people and we consider ourselves lucky to work with them every day.

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