School Hours (1st-8th grade)
Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 am – 2:30 pm 
Fri.-8:00am -11:45 am

Main Office Hours
7:30 am-3:00 pm Mon.-Thurs.
8:00 am-Noon Friday

Main Phone: 801-901-8520
Fax: (801) 901-8515


Our field trips will include:

Leonardo Museum

Watch as a child takes you on a tour of the Leonardo Museum

Clarks Planetarium

Watch as a child takes you on a tour of the Clarks Planetarium

This is the Place Heritage Park

Take a tour of This is the Place Heritage Park

Hale Theater

Take a tour of the Hale Theater

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Take a tour of the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Natural Curiousity Museum

Take a tour of the Natural Curiousity Museum

Engineering Week at the University of Utah

What is Engineering Week? Watch

Utah Symphony and tour of Abravanel Hall

Find out more about Utah Symphony Education Concerts


Once a month your child will be immersed in learning through exposure to music, art, dance, technology, and science.

Learning with and from experts engages students’ emotions as well as enhances their knowledge and skills. Students will have the opportunity to play an active role in the learning process.   Each in house field trip is accompanied by a learning experience.

Utah Opera

Who wants to be an Opera Star?


Create an opera

Plan B Theater

in-school performances of new plays created by Utah playwrights


Act out scripts written by Plan B Theater for K-6 participants

Springville Museum of Arts Outreach Program

The Springville Museum of Art provide interactive classes for students.


Become an Artist for the day!

Utah Natural History Museum

“Museum on the Move”


Explore real specimens such as bats, bison, bones, digging dinosaurs, insects, plants, rocks, and minerals!

Utah Museum of Fine Arts


Create an Ignite Virtual Art Gallery! Display your Art!

UofU Tanner Dance Company

“Museum on the Move”


Try different Genres of dance!

4 Kits - STEM in Motion

• Grades 4th-6th Mission to Mars
• Renewable Energy Grades 2nd-6th Sphero Robotics • Grades 3rd – 6th Utah Water Ecosystems • Senses and the Brain • Grades 1st – 3rd Power Tiles • Physics and Forces • Grades K- 3rd – Beebots and Ozobots

Ballet West Outreach Program


Walk in the shoes of a Dancer…. literally!

SPECIALS at Ignite
Twice a month you child will have an opportunity to participate in two special classes: PE and Innovations.

PE – Physical Education with Coach Aaron
Innovations – Coding, Library Science, Keyboarding, Webquests, and more…

Above all else, we love kids. Their individuality, their abilities, their passions. Children are amazing people and we consider ourselves lucky to work with them every day.

School Hours (1st-8th grade)
Mon – Thurs: 8:00 am – 2:30 pm 
Fri: 8:00am -11:45 am

Office Hours
Mon – Thurs: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm 
Fri: 8:00am – Noon

contact info
1650 W Traverse Terrace Dr
Lehi, UT 84043
Public education hotline

The Public Education Hotline is maintained by the Internal Audit Department of the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and it is a venue for citizens, educators, employees, and other stakeholders to report concerns related to any of the agencies governed by or provided resources by the USBE. You can expect a response within 72 business hours.

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