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7:30 am-3:00 pm Mon.-Thurs.
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Support Staff

Meet the Team

Michelle Hall

Administrative Assistant

Michelle Hall

Michelle Hall began working in the school environment when she was 14 years old. She loves the energy that is felt in a school setting. Michelle has worked for 2 startup charter schools and loved the challenge. She is looking forward to being the Administrative Assistant at Ignite Academy and once again being a part of a new adventure! Michelle enjoys meeting the parents and students and wants to make sure every person feels like they are part of the Ignite family! Michelle was born and raised here and loves this area; She enjoys anything that can be done outdoors and trying new activities, as well as traveling to experience different cultures and meet new friends all over the world. ​ Michelle is married to the most amazing man and has 9 awesome children and 14 grandchildren. Her life is full of excitement and each time she has the thought that life will be slowing down, it picks up in intensity. She is living life wholeheartedly, every moment of it!

Jeana Hales


Jeana Hales

Jeana Hales is excited to serve as IEA's registrar because it allows her to get to know our families and students as she welcomes them to school and helps to make the transition smooth. Jeana also acts as an assistant in the main office, where she enjoys the interactions she gets to have with students, colleagues and families. She is a mom to 2 teenagers and has loved watching them grow and develop into amazing people. Jeana loves spending time in the outdoors.  She enjoys gardening and loves the miracle that happens as a garden grows. Being outside is her favorite place to be, and she can't decide if she enjoys the mountains or the ocean more: both are her favorite.

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