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A Virtual Learning Program by Utah's Most Creative Charter School

What is Virtual Learning at Ignite?

Virtual learning is learning that can happen anywhere and anytime with a virtual teacher along with site-based days filled with hands-on experiences with peers. Imagine a world where learning happens not just in our schools, but as part of a live event, while traveling and exploring the world, and even from the comfort and safety of our own homes. At Ignite Virtual, it is a reality! A virtual classroom is an ideal way to experience a real connection in real-time from anywhere in the world. There’s no reason all education has to happen in the same physical space.  Students get the best of both worlds with Ignite Virtual. Not only will they have access to an anywhere, anytime virtual classroom but they will also have a physical “brick-and-mortar” school to learn, explore, and socialize with friends.

Why choose Ignite Virtual?

Certified teachers will create a Personalized Performance Learning Plan by reviewing the student’s background and learning needs, ensuring we understand who they are, what passions they want to pursue, and what challenges they may face. Our highly qualified teachers will give students the opportunity to “show what they know” throughout the year using multiple ways of assessment. Teachers will assist students in building a portfolio over the course of the school year so they can see their growth over time. Teachers at Ignite Virtual are passionate about empowering students through setting and achieving their goals.

  • Google Meets – Teachers will meet with students and their class in real-time via the internet for interactive standards based lessons. 
  • Canvas – Students will visit Canvas (LMS) for follow-up assignments and activities.
  • Personalized Learning Plan – Teachers will create a personalized learning plan for students using blended learning platforms such as:  Illustrative Math, iReady Math, Lexia Core Reading, Wonders Reading. Personalizing education allows some students to progress far beyond their grade level while reteaching and filling academic gaps for others. 
A virtual classroom can easily make use of a wide range of media to present, review, and reinforce educational materials. Through links, files, and embedded media, teachers will tap into a wider range of educational content to more fully engage with students across a spectrum of interests and abilities.  Ignite Virtual uses a rotation model which combines synchronous and asynchronous learning. Daily lessons are provided by a highly qualified certified teacher. Learners engage with their teacher and peers in real-time all appearing in an online space, a virtual classroom. Each standards-based lesson will include interactive engaging follow-up assignments to be completed asynchronously.

At Ignite Virtual, we seek to cultivate a desire to learn through inquiry and experience. Experiential learning is learning by doing. Project-based learning (PBL) is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire deeper knowledge.   

  • Once a week students and teachers meet on-site for Science/ Social Studies project-based experience.  
  • Field Trip Friday – Once a month is Field Trip Friday.  
  • Fridays are “Special” – Twice a month students will attend Specialties – Physical Education (PE) and Innovations.  
  • Flexible Friday – Once a month students will experience art, dance, coding, engineering, and music.  

Ignite Virtual students have the best of both worlds!  We Ignite Limitless Possibilities!  


Curriculum K -6


Wonders is designed to foster a love of reading in all children. Through exploration of texts and daily development of their skills as readers, writers, speakers, and active listeners, students experience the power of literacy. Our focus on teaching the whole child – and every child – prepares students to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers. By providing a comprehensive set of connected resources for all learners in grades K-6, Wonders offers educators the ability to adapt instruction with confidence as students grow. Combining the work of literacy experts with research on social emotional learning, Wonders helps you strengthen skills, bolster learning, and encourage independence, enhancing the important and inspiring work you do in your classroom, every day.


Lexia helps more learners read, write, and speak with confidence.  Lexia is a digital-centric solution that can be used individually to meet the structured literacy learning needs of any student.  Lexia has formed partnerships with world-renowned authors, set new standards for content quality, develop advanced learning technologies, and lead the charge on innovative approaches to literacy’s biggest issues.  It blends artificial intelligence with human intelligence to enhance, support, and inform literacy teachers without ever replacing them. It blends artificial intelligence with human intelligence to enhance, support, and inform literacy teachers without ever replacing them.


Book Creator is a 5-star rated, multi award-winning tool. With a simple, intuitive interface, you and your students can author digital books in any subject area, across all of K-12.  Combine text, images, audio and video to create: • Interactive stories • Digital portfolios • Research journals • Poetry books • Science reports • Instruction manuals • 'About me' books • Comic adventures


Step Up to Writing is an organizational program that teaches explicit writing strategies within the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, final copy, proofreading, sharing) to help students organize their thinking and their writing. Every Step Up to Writing® strategy is built to support specific standards in the areas of writing, vocabulary, language, reading, and speaking & listening.


Illustrative Mathematics (IM) is a K–12® core curriculum designed to give all students equity and access to grade-level mathematics — ensuring each student is an active participant in their learning. Illustrative Mathematics is a problem-based core curriculum for 21st-century learners designed to address content and practice standards to foster learning for all, preparing students to solve problems, reason, communicate, and think critically in the classroom and beyond.


i-Ready Mathematics is an online program that provides students of all ages with differentiated instruction and supports them on their individual paths to success. Backed by cutting-edge research on best mathematics learning practices, students gain experience through concrete examples and engaging lessons. i-Ready Learning is a collection of high-quality instructional resources that help students learn and grow by accessing grade-level materials. Grounded in best practice instructional design, these tools provide rigorous and motivating reading and mathematics instruction that: • Engages students of all levels and backgrounds • Motivates students to persist in skill-building Provides scaffolded support that meets the needs of all students • Creates personal learning pathways for each student. • Connects to i-Ready Diagnostic data so teachers can make informed teaching decisions

TYPING TUTOR is an online typing tutor, and digital literacy platform used by millions of students and education professionals around the world. Students work to develop their keyboarding skills and row basics up to mastery of advanced punctuation. The inclusion of tech literacy prepares students with crucial 21st century abilities, supports cross-curricular learning and supplies the necessary capacities for success in the classroom and beyond.

Above all else, we love kids. Their individuality, their abilities, their passions. Children are amazing people and we consider ourselves lucky to work with them every day.

School Hours (1st-8th grade)
Mon – Thurs: 8:00 am – 2:30 pm 
Fri: 8:00am -11:45 am

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